Rock Bridge 4-H Club was established in 1958 and our current club leader is Janet Snow and Natalie Hardin (Clover Kids) and Valerie Freed (Shooting Sports). We are an active club with more than 50 members from 38 different families.

We offer two levels of membership: Club members and Clover Kids. Our 4-H year runs October through September, and club members must be between the ages of 8 and 18 by the first of January of the current 4-H year. Clover Kids must be between the ages of 5 and 7 as of the first of January of the current 4-H year. To learn more about what our club offers, click on the links at the left. Each link opens in its own page. When done, close the linked page to return to this page.

Rock Bridge 4-H club meets on the second Thursday of each month. During the school year (Sept - May) we meet at Rock Bridge Elementary 5151 S Highway 163 in Columbia, MO. During the summer, we meet at alternate locations. Clover Kids meet from 6:00 to 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria. Our regular club meetings generally begin at 7:00PM and last approximately one and a half hours in the cafeteria. Each meeting is run by the Executive Committee made up of our 4-H members, with leader guidance. We use Robert's Rules of Order to discuss our regular business and then, usually, we have a program that is educational and/or entertaining.

We are a family-oriented, service-minded club. We participate in many community service projects and involve the whole family in our activities. We teach leadership and problem-solving skills. Our members learn respect for themselves and respect for others. Our members take pride in their accomplishments, both individually and as members of our team. Most of our members also gain public speaking skills as a result of their 4-H experiences.

4-H offers many opportunities for achievement awards, trips, camps, and scholarships. We hope that you enjoy our site and that you might consider joining our club.  There is a 4-H Family "Welcome Packet" posted on our "Announcements" page with loads of information on what it means to be a 4-H family. If you need more information, please send an e-mail to our leaders by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Rock Bridge 4-H Club is located in the city of Columbia, Missouri. Our membership generally comes from the South Central part of the city. There are clubs located throughout Boone County.  For assistance locating another club within Boone County, contact the Boone County Extension Office by phone:  573-445-9792 or by email: booneco@missouri.edu .  Boone County Extension website:  http://extension.missouri.edu/boone/4h.aspx

If you require additional information or assistance, please email the club at:  rockbridge4h@gmail.com