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Rock Bridge 4-H Club Officers apply for their positions at the end of the 4-H year. The deadline for Officer applications is determined by the club leader. Each prospective officer is required to fill out an application for the position(s) they are interested in. Officers may choose more than one position. So, if they aren't selected for their first choice, they are eligible for other positions. The election committee (consisting of the club leader, an adult adviser, and club members [as specified in the club bylaws])will judge officer applications.

Points are assigned by each judge and averaged to determine the final points for each applicant. The applicant receiving the highest points is awarded the position. Club officers (Executive Committee) are expected to have near-perfect attendance in order to fulfill their responsibilities to the club. The officers are also responsible for determining and recommending annual goals for the club members, who vote to accept or reject the recommendations. Club officers also recommend programming and help to establish the club programming for the 4-H year.

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Our 4-H Club Officers and duties are listed below:
PresidentThe President shall preside at all club meetings. The President shall maintain order and is responsible for assuring that parlimentary procedure is followed. This position assists other officers and helps them to complete their duties.
Vice-PresidentIn the absence of the President, the Vice-President (VP) shall perform the duties of the President. The VP is also available to assist the President or Secretary in carrying out their duties.
SecretaryThe Secretary records the minutes of club meetings and tracks attendance. The secretary makes sure that members have signed the roll sheet and reads the previous month's minutes at every meeting. The Secretary also reads any club correspondence to the club members. In addition, the Secretary is responsible for sending thank you notes as directed by the club leader, or upon approval from the club members. The Secretary must submit a record of the club minutes to the club leader at the end of the 4-H year.
TreasurerThe Treasurer handles the financial transactions for the club. The treasurer deposits club monies and pays club bills. Each month, the Treasurer provides the club with an update of club finances, by reporting club bank account activity for the past month. The Treasurer also prepares an end-of-the-year report of the club account.
Sergeant-At-ArmsThe Seargant-At-Arms (SAA)makes sure that the meeting room is ready before the meeting begins and returns the room to it's original condition when the meeting ends. This position is also responsible for finding two members to lead the American and 4-H pledges at the beginning of each club meeting.The SAA will assist in maintaining order in the group.
Reporter/HistorianIn our club, the Historian and Reporter can be the same person or different people. The Reporter/Historian gathers photos of club activities for the club scrapbook, submits newsworthy articles regarding club members or activities to the local papers, and reports club activities to the County Extension Office for inclusion into the monthly newsletter. Along with a committee, the Reporter/Historian will gather/organize scrapbook materials/photos from the photographer and/or the membership at-large.
PhotographerThe photographer records the events of the club during the 4-H year. The photographer takes pictures at club meetings\club activities, and shares their photos with the Historian who compiles the club scrapbook. This is an important job, because this person is responsible for recording the visual history of our club.
Recreation LeaderThe Recreation Leader is responsible for organizing and carrying out the recreational activities of the club, including leading songs and/or games.

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